This was one of the best experiences shooting I have ever had. This crew was so amazing and I truly consider them part of the family. I woke up every day inspired and grateful to have them on my team. I can't thank each and everyone one of you that worked on this film enough.  Thank you, thank you...

- Kristin Holt


Crew/Behind The Scenes


Kristin Joey Holt



Michelle Gerson

Todd Roy

Melanie Seelinger

Line Producer:

Colleen Cunha

Basil Mironer

Director of Photography

Sierra Swan & Dan Burns

Original Music and Score

Diego Corbino

Visual Effects

David Alvarez

Sound Design

Autumn Steed

Costume Designer

Kristin directing Margaret
Kristin directing Margaret

Right before the singing scene

Kristin checking in the make up room
Kristin checking in the make up room

Directing talking to Margaret prepping for scene.

The Star
The Star

Margaret goofing off!

Basil our fabulous DP
Basil our fabulous DP

The talented and amazing Basil Mironer

End Song
End Song

Main song Hiding In Freedom!

Coke break
Coke break

Margaret taking a coke cola break!

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